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Harness the magic of the moon wherever you go when wearing our blue Crescent Moon charm, La Lune Bleue.
A symbol of intuition, dreams and the unconscious, this golden beauty casts its beams in shades of blue with a mix of Australian opal doublet (magic & intuition), lapis lazuli (wisdom) & turquoise (Healing) cabs, and a sprinkle of diamonds (clarity). The back of the moon is solid gold with shiny beads, and can be worn both ways.
A subtle way to say "I love you to the moon and back", the Boheme Crescent Moon can be customized with the gems of your loves so you can keep them close to your heart. Create a unique gem combination for yourself, you sweetheart, lover, mom, soul sister, bestie, soulmate… Pick their favorite colors, your birthstones and/or theirs - make it personal, colorful and meaningful.
Hand-carved then cast in 18k recycled gold, this charm is 20mm high and hangs on a 5mm hoop.

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