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Based on one of the ancient alchemy symbols for gold, our Boheme Diamond Clicker is a charm holder designed to securely hold two or three of your favorite charms together - or as many as you wish to carry!
This version has flush-set diamonds on one side (.055 tcw), and Delphine's beaded signature motif on the other, so you can wear it both ways.
Delphine considers the Boheme Diamonds Clicker one of the essential building blocks for her convertible jewels. It is entirely up to you to decide how to best use it. Clip it on a necklace, connect it to a two-loops open chain, attach it thru a large link, on another charm holder, on a bangle, hoop earring, bracelet, or wherever you please.
To open the Boheme Clicker, look for the slanted edge and gently apply pressure there to push the arm in, slide on your favorite charms, connect it to the jewels you’re adding it to, then close it by gently guiding the arm up to meet the ring. That clicker sound when you snap it shut is so satisfying. Cast in 18k recycled gold, this charm holder is 14mm wide.

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