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A powerful symbol of change, rebirth and transformation, this colorful Skull charm was hand carved by Delphine then cast in recycled 18k gold.
With Gems in lieu of pigment, she "painted" the skull in a fiery color palette inspired by the beautiful sunsets in her native South-of-France.
Delphine hand selected a colorful mix of gemstones, choosing them for their quality, vibrancy, and energetic properties: rhodolite garnet (inspiration & emotional healing), blue sapphire (self-expression & truth), pink sapphire (good fortune & love), yellow sapphires (prosperity), amethyst (cleansing & protection) and rubies (passion).
For centuries, skulls have also served as memento mori, a tangible way of keeping the memories of our late loved ones close and alive in our hearts.
A perfect counterpoint to our bestselling Amour Heartbeat necklace, they complete the cycle of life. Worn together, they are a sparkly reminder to live life fully.
18mm high, this beauty is hanging on a 5mm hoop.

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