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Ayin Flourite Necklace


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AYIN eye necklace is made of Fluorite and 5 micron gold vermeil. The iris is ruby.

Fluorite is a sublime transparent natural stone with purple and sea green reflections. So that none of the AYIN fluorite is similar to the other; they are all unique.

It is a highly protective stone, especially on the psychic level. It is extremely effective against stress and helps to discern the influence external to the work in itself; it puts an end to psychic manipulation and unwanted mental influences. It purifies and stabilizes the aura. Used for healing, Fluorite absorbs all the negative energies of stress. It cleanses, purifies, dissipates and reorganizes everything that is not perfectly harmonious in the body.

All the stones are pre-selected and they are all different, which makes EVERY Ayin unique.

Measurement (adjustable chain): 38- 43cm

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